• I.
    Who are you?

  • II.
    You are so much yourself

  • III.
    Uncap your difference and enjoy the moment.

  • Who are you?
  • You are so much yourself
  • Uncap your difference and enjoy the moment.
  • A human being among many others?

    A lambda version?
    No. You are you.
    With your ideas, your particularities, your weaknesses, your strange habits, your offbeat way of seeing things.
    Some look down on you. Others envy you.
  • You go with   the flow ,

    you follow your instinct.
    You do not follow codes, you create your own.
    You are constantly looking for that little spark that will transform a common moment into a unique one.
    The look of others doesn’t worry you. What drives you is the need to push each of your ideas to the limit.
  • Laurent and Alexis

    have charted their own way to brew their own beers.
    They haven’t forgotten the tradition, but they have transcended it.
    Their codes: to not have any.
    Their goal: to create contemporary beers with ancestral know-how.

    They know it, the needs of today are not those of yesterday.
    From a taste, philosophical and human point of view.

    Their beers brewed with enthusiasm are to be tasted with originality.
    Without constraints. Without conditions. Without manners. Without formalities. Without rules.

My life my choice


i like 'em blond




Ok Now i’m really thirsty.
Where can I buy?