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To promote sustainable development and to assure the best quality of our beers we use as much organic ingredients as possible. Thereby 100% of the malt is organic. The brewery and its beers are certified organic since January 2017.


Because a sustainable world is everyone’s responsibility, the Brasserie Lion is committed to contribute:

  • Solar panels on the roof.
  • The use of rain water to cool down the tanks and wash the floors.
  • To keep our bottles together we use recyclable HDPE handles. This plastic is 100% recyclable and comes from recycled milk bottles.
  • Use of 100% recyclable aluminium bottles.



Our fine beer is bottles in 330 ml aluminium bottles.

  • Aluminium bottles don’t break and are 100% recyclable.
  • They cool down very fast.
  • They are more than 5 times lighter than glass ones and smaller in size for a same content.
  • Opaque, they are perfectly suited to preserve the beer and hop aromas for a very long time.

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