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Once upon a time...

...there were two young entrepreneurs like no others, Alexis and Laurent, who decided in November 2014 to create Belgian craft beers like no others, for consumers not too much like others either.

Alexis and Laurent met on the benches of a prestigious school. They decided to work together on their Master thesis. The topic : “The launch of a microbrewery in Belgium”.


As a young kid

at the age of 16, Alexis began brewing his own beer in his cellar, wanting to apply the theory of fermentation seen in chemistry classes.

His passion for beer and brewing was born.
He designed and built a microbrewery and developed his first beer.

FIRST Located in Waterloo in Walloon Brabant, the city of the Lion, the Brasserie Lion specializes in the creation and production of high-end organic beers. The finesse of its beers comes from the use of wine yeast.

Alexis and Laurent use the rarest varieties of hops and organic malt and use the most innovative brewing techniques. Since January 2017, the special high-end beers from the Brasserie Lion are certified organic.

In order to expand at the end of 2018, the brewery moved to Ophain (Braine-L'alleud, 12 minutes from the place of origin) in an old renovated farmhouse. From this new den, they continue to push the limits of the brewing world ever further.


In February 2016,

Alexis and Laurent officially launched their first beer, the Lion 8", which was such a success that they quickly decided to continue developing their talent for brewing alchemy and created the Lion 5'' at the end of October 2016.

This new success motivated them to take their talent even further. In April 2018 was born a new IPA: the Lion 6''.
Today, people from all over the world have become Lion beer enthusiasts: Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, Taiwan, China and Japan.

They undoubtedly found in the fine beers of the Lion brewery a character like no other. Beers that, just like them, are wonderfully special.

A note from the founders

“ The fine character of our beers comes from the use of wine yeast. We use the rarest hop varieties, organic malt and the most innovative brewing techniques. ”

Alexis Brabant

Laurent De Volder

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